A radiology information system, or RIS for short, is a software system that is networked. It is intended for managing medical imagery and other related information. This RIS is particularly very useful for keeping tabs on radiology imaging orders. It can also be used to track associated billing information. Moreover, is usually used together with PACS and VNAs for managing image records, billing and documentation.


Meanwhile, a combined PACS and RIS system is used by hospitals to track medical information. In the past, only large hospitals could afford such technology because of its high costs. Now, systems like this have become more affordable to smaller scale medical facilities or hospitals. This can be attributed to the advancement in technology that, in effect, has made electronics and computing devices less expensive than they used to be a long time ago.


The truth is that, PACS and RIS are two different softward but they have related and compatible features. PACS, on the other hand, stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System. PACS is rather the system that lets clinics or hospitals and other medical facilities to store, retrieve, display, send and receive medical images from a computer in digital format. Meanwhile, RIS is a database that that is for radiology departments. These departments use RIS to store and distribute medical data that may either be digital medical images and other pertinent patient information from tracking to reporting. So using RIS in conjunction with PACs, has significantly made a whole lot easier the workflow of radiology department in either a small or big health facility. Read to gain more info about RIS software.


 A PACS System has a broader scope so it is not limited to the radiology department alone. On this note, when RIS integrates with PACS, it allows the radiology department to organize data related to patient care. These two combination of system allows departments to monitor and register patients. And with a more streamlined record-keeping and monitoring system, departments can have a more systematized way of scheduling patients, go here to know more!



Furthermore, through these systems medical personal can now better handle requests for lab tests and results. Printouts can also be made through this network. There have been lesser conflicts in setting patient appointment because this system has made things simple neat and organized and information is easy to obtain. PACS software and radiology information or RIS Software are inventions that many people in the medical fields are thankful to have. To get more info, click to get started,